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EnerGuide For Houses Cancelled

Reep program cancelled

EnerGuide for Houses - program cancelled.

UW-supported EnerGuide for Houses program cancelled

Funding for a national program to reduce home energy use was cancelled abruptly by the federal government in mid-May. With just a day's notice, staff at Waterloo Region's Residential Energy Efficiency Program (REEP) were told to stop conducting home energy audits.

Waterloo Region's EnerGuide for Houses program, which is continuing with the support of local partners, has been one of the most successful in Canada and has led to:
- 2,400 tonnes of CO2 reductions annually;
- an estimated $700,000 in energy savings every year for homeowners;
- $3-5 million in local spending on building materials and labour;
- over $535,000 in federal grants received by our customers;
- and valuable information for homeowners about home health, safety and comfort

REEP uses Canada's EnerGuide for Houses service to help reduce household greenhouse gas emissions by encouraging Canadians to improve the level of energy efficiency in their homes. Environmental Studies professors were key in establishing and supporting the program in Waterloo Region.

Following the federal cancellation, Manitoba, Quebec, and New Brunswick announced that they will continue the program there. Ontario is also interested, but there has been no announcement yet, says Geography professor Paul Parker, who is involved with REEP.

For more information or to find out how you can support REEP, visit http://www.reepwaterlooregion.com


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